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A Little  about us

Welcome to Queenz Dipped LLC

Queenz Dipped was started and founded by John, It all started over 5 years ago when he wanted to vinyl wrap his Dodge Charger matte black. He looked into other options because the prices on basically a big sticker were over $3000.00 for something that after 6+ months the glue would dry out and start peeling the vinyl, so he did a simple search and then he discovered Plasti Dip. He read reviews, it lasts 3-5 years and is very strong and durable to weather. After few weeks of being sceptial about it, he pulled the trigger and bought the spray system, gallons of black paint and went to town on his car. Shortly after his Dodge Charger was dipped a mean Matte black ,He also did his rims, then he dipped friend's car and rims and just kept going with it. A little while down the road he decided to start his own company. This company will always take care of there loyal fans and customers. They are also one of few companies that offers a warranty on there work.

why choose us

Because we are New York's Original and longest running Dipyourcar Authorized Installer 

To bring back a smile to your face when you turn and walk away from your vehicle just like the day you purchased it.Bring the best customer service we can possibly offer and continue to dip the world 1 car at a time