Whitestone NY 11357 us

Body work

 A brand new division of Queenz Dipped



Offering body work from new bumpers to painting your entire car

Custom Airbrush Work

Let your imagination run wild from scary clowns to your company logo we do it all here in house

Peelable Auto Paints

Liquid wrap is a specailized rubber coating that is temporary. Easily removable but extemely durable and hundreds of color options to choose from and finish's from OEM gloss to a mean matte finish we offer it all.

We offer a large variety of Liquid-Wrap colors and  services,from cars,rims,trims,hoods,roofs,emblems,Taillight tinting anything you want dipped we do!

Window Tinting

Our window tints will enhance the aesthetic quality of your car with a new bold and aggressive look.

Type's of Liquid Wraps Offered 

Auto-flex-  An OEM gloss ,scratch resistant ,gas resistant and removable coating

Pro-line - The mid range of liquid-wraps in 4 different finishes . Matte,Frosted,Satin and Gloss. Feels better then any vinyl wrap you have felt before

Plasti-dip - The long time tested and proven of the elite removable coatings